The 2 Essentials of Email Marketing

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This is a follow up from my previous post. Enjoy ^^

1. Increase your Subscription List
There are a variety of ways to get people to sign up for your emailing lists. The techniques varies from business to business, but they are generally as below:

a. Make it Easy to Sign Up
An invitation to join your email list, along with the benefits it offers should appear clearly and neatly. Apart from your home page, put an opt-in form on every page of your website.

b. Increasing the Value of Your Offer
The value of your sign-up offer must be significant to the visitors.

c. Avoid Excessive Pictures
Image-laden newsletters/emails usually trigger spam filters and they get block most of the time. If your email doesn’t reach the intended recipient, you failed.

2. Persuade them to take Action
Having many subscribers is pointless if they don’t take actions. Here are some ways to make your email more “action inviting”

a. Build a Strong Brand
Project a clear company identity by using a consistent and vivid layout. Over a period of time, the overall “feel” will be infused into your subscribers mind.

b. Well explain & defined
A email newsletter must be written with a good flow and if possible, error free. This will improve the subscribers understand, and reading experience.

c. Solid Content
Sending solid content that benefits your subscribers is important. Without the benefit, your email will most probably end up with the other trash mails.

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The Benefits of Email Marketing

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Email marketing involves sending emails to promote your products and services: building and maintaining relationships, promoting brand awareness and loyalty. Email marketing is not to be confused with spam, which are unsolicited email promotions. The key feature of email marketing is the opt-in scheme which allow customers to be placed on your mailing list and receive messages of interest to them.

Used properly, email marketing is an excellent tool to generate new and repeat sales, maintain customer relationship and your brand loyalty. Done wrongly, it will irritate your customers and lost potential sales.

1. Increase Sales Leads
Let’s face it. Regardless how good your product or service is, it usually takes a customer more than a few visits to your site before they enquire about your product or services, let alone commit to a purchase. In other words, every sales process requires repetition of marketing exposure to prospective clients. Weekly or monthly emails will keep your brand at the top of their mind. When the need arises, the first company to approach will be you. 

2. Increase your Repeat Business
Getting a customer to purchase is hard work. Maintaining relationships with current customers and getting their repeat business is much easier, and often, more profitable. Emails will remind them the good experience they had and there is a high probability that they will go back to you again.

3. Offer Bundle Promotions to Boost your Sales
Email marketing is an excellent opportunity for you to upsell and cross sell your products. For example, if you’re in the dry cleaning industry, once a customer has made an initial purchase with you, you might want to offer related services like ironing and stain removal etc in your email promotion. 

4. Inexpensive way of Advertising
Compared to traditional media advertising, we all know how cost-effective online advertising is. You need not print flyers and wait for them to be snail-mailed. All you need to do for email marketing is to hire a specialist to help you with the planning and execution. It may be a hassle initially, but in the long run, a good ROI is almost certain.

P.S: If you’re interested to understand how email marketing can improve your business, feel free to ask for a free consultation!

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Hope this helps ^^

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Guerrilla Marketing

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Guerrilla Marketing has always been one of the best marketing book I ever read. Back then, as a student, it really expanded my idea of marketing.

  • Marketing is not only about the 4Ps (price/product/place/promo).
  • Marketing is not always about coupons, posters, TV ads, website… it can be CREATIVE
  • Marketing can be cheap and at the same time effective. Money doesn’t guarantee success
  • Tagline is not a must
  • Creativity is a must!

In Bain & Mercer, we breathe, eat, play, talk and practice Guerilla Marketing. Creativity is our strength.

Enjoy the video!

P.S: Feel free to ask for a free consultation, if you’re interested to understand how our Online Guerrilla Marketing tactics can improve your business!

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Viral Marketing

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Walking along Orchard road today….I realized just how much billboards, flyers-distributors, Posters and even TV commercial were exposed to the public and wonder if these traditional marketing channels even give a good ROI.

Some Brands get into my mind but most of them don’t. When I buy something, I normally asked friends who have tried the product. Or rather, if they are happy with the product, they will go around telling people how wonderful they are. That is called viral marketing. Pretty similar to a referrer programme or word of mouth (A introducing to B and so on..), just that happy consumers are more likely to volunteer to spread the word.

To make your customers spread your name voluntarily, it is important to exceed their expectations and provide them with an exceptional customer experience. From the very second they step in to the last second when they leave, regardless if they buy your product. It is only when the customers feel good about the brand and/or the product, will they spread the words voluntarily.

In Bain & Mercer, you can very well experience great customer service and viral marketing has definitely worked for us, though it took us some time to establish ourselves as the market leader.

Below is a fun video to better understand viral marketing. Enjoy!

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Unethical SEO Companies

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Being a consultant myself, it is shocking to hear what clients say at times…

1. Guaranteed SEO Results

People who understand at least a little about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will acknowledge that being listed on Google or Yahoo’s 1st page is only temporary. Changes must be made from time to time to ensure that your website tickles Google and Yahoo’s interest.

Some of the online companies actually guaranteed 1st page natural listing throughout the year if the client were to trust his website to their developer for the next 3 months. What a lie!


2. Guaranteed Keywords Top Listing

There is a difference between a quality keyword and a long-tailed keywords. Take for example, a laptop shop in Sim Lim wants to be in the 1st page if users key in any 10 keywords related to laptops. A quality keyword, for example, would be:

  • Buy laptop
  • Acer Laptop

A long tailed keywords would be:

  • Buy good laptop in Sim Lim square
  • Buy good and cheap Acer in Sim Lim

An unethical consultant will probably give him 1 quality keyword and the other 9 will probably be long-tailed keywords that people hardly key them into the search engines. By doing business this way, it can fulfill the client’s demands and also cut down on their work effort.

No wonder so many people are getting a little skeptical with some online marketing companies.

If you’re finding a responsible and ethical online marketing company to improve your business, feel free to ask for a free consultation!

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Through my course of work, I met a lot of people who are confused between SEM and SEO. Thus this post serves as a simple introduction on what the SEM and SEO is all about.

SEM: Search Engine Marketing

SEM is the foundation of our online marketing world. It puts your website on the search engine 1st page by:

  • Sponsored Link (Red Box)
  • Natural Listing


SEO: Search Engine Optimization

SEO is actually a subset of SEM. It is a process of improving your website ranking on the search engine natural results. The more  relevant you website is, the better your website is ranked!






Place of Listing Sponsored links Natural Results
Type of Listing Paid listing based on key word relevance Free listing based on keyword relevance
Time Frame Immediate results.         

You see your ads once your keywords campaign starts. Results are not sticky: once you end your campaign, your listings disappear

SEO is an on-going process, and it usually takes at least 3 months to see an improvement in ranking. Results are more sticky as long as you keep abreast of search engine algorithms
Keyword Covered You decide how many and what type of keywords to be used according to your campaign objectives Usually involves a few key phrases only

Hope it helps 🙂

If you’re interested to understand how SEM & SEO can improve your business, fill free to ask for a free consultation:

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Why Businesses are Advertising Online

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John Wanamaker invented the price tag and became the 1st modern advistiser when he bought space on newspapers to promote his stores in the 1870s. Quickly, he realized that advertising on the papers might not be as effective as he intitally thought.

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted!” he said. “The trouble is I don’t know which half.”

That’s the problem with advertising on traditional media such as newspapers, magazines and TV – you pay tons of money for ads that often fail to reach your intended audience.

The Internet provides a new medium of advertising that avoids the drawbacks of traditional advertising. Too many businesses have underestimated the potential of Internet Advertising.

And that is why I decided to be an online marketing consultant. I see a potential in this area 🙂

P.S: Feel free to ask for a free consultation, if you’re interested to advertise online!

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Our 4th Basic Need

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Our 4th basic need is the internet. (Just imagine without it one day) I bet many of us will be pulling our hair out of frustration. There are 1 billion internet users in the world. And Singapore alone has about 3 million broadband internet users who spend an average of 18 hours a week online! That’s about 2.5 hours a day! 

The internet is connecting people and business from all over the world at near instantaneous speed. There is little cost and it serves you on a 24/7 basis.As a business wouldn’t you want to harness the power and reach of the internet to grow you business?

Though this topic has been repeated so many times, many business owners still fail to see the point. Even so, having a non-functional website is as good as having no website.

Think about it.

If you fail to ride the wave, you will be crushed by the wave.

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