Google Adwords – Keyword Quality Score and Branding Business

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Google Adwords, the main objective behind Search Engine Querying, Advertising, Marketing and Promotion is to maximize the End User Experience in finding the desired information on the fly. Google has intention to give best satisfied experience to end user, marketer, publisher and itself

To implement the above objective in Google Adwords, Google has introduced Keywords Quality Score parameter, Quality Score controls many aspects in Google Adwords Campaigns and influenced by various factors.

Let us discuss in brief about Quality Score here,

Pay Per Click Google Adwords campaign, the most important aspect is to maintain the good Quality Score Key words. Quality Score is the only factor that determines the Cost-per click, ad position and ad display frequency. Google Adwords has divided the Quality Score in dynamically fluctuating 10 points each time the user enters the query in the search box. Quality Score is a dynamic variable and changes frequently as per the performance of the keyword, Google Adwords measures the Quality Score for each keyword in the campaign individually and through how relevant is the keyword with the text ad and the user’s query in the search box every time. Quality Score in a campaign gets updated every time when the keyword has a potential to display the ads. Quality Score ensures that the only the most relevant advertisements will display to the user in Google Search and Google Network.

The Good Quality Score performs very well for increased CTR, the cost you going to bear per click in actual, lower the first page bid and rank the ad on the high position. Click through rate history is the major factor influence the Quality Score. While managing the Google Adwords Campaign it is vital to maintain the Quality Score to a maximum value to reduce the campaign cost and avoid unnecessary burden on the advertising budget.

To maintain a Quality Score for a specific keyword or all keywords in the ad group of a campaign, it is important to design very relevant text ads to the keyword or keywords and the user search query. If the relevancy is poor then the bid amount to display the ad on the first page will be high and the rank of your ad on the page is low, in turn you pay more.

Quality Score ensures that search users will have good search experiences on Google to find the desired products or topics, in turn Quality Score ensures to maximize the users experience, this affects the user behavior to revisit the Google and your site and increase the loyalty.

In the beginning to build the Good Quality Score Keyword or set of keywords, you need to explore the relevancy of keywords to the text ads and then relevancy of text ads with the user search query and at the end optimize the landing page. This is long term investment to acquire and maintain Good Quality Score keyword or set of keywords to maximize the exposure of your brand and business.

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The Fastest Way to Get Targeted Traffic to Your Website

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Have you ever thought of unique ways to get targeted traffic to your website? No matter what niche you are in, you will need traffic to your website or blog if you intend to make a decent amount of sales. Website traffic is the heart of any successful business online today. In this article we will discuss four ways to promote your business with targeted traffic.

1. Writing and submitting articles

If there is one thing most gurus agree on is submitting articles to article directories to not only provide quality information, but also for the purpose of driving targeted traffic to a website. The reason why this form of marketing is so effective is the fact that you can talk almost specific about a problem someone may have and offer to solve their problem with a link in your resource box.

2. Blogging and commenting

Blogging has been around for a long time now but until recent years they have become very popular. When you post quality information on your blog regularly, people seem to look forward to future postings and will come back as you fulfill a need people may have even if it’s to stay informed to the latest news around the Internet marketing arena. Another way to drive targeted traffic to you website is commenting on other people’s blogs that are close related to your particular niche. Some blogs will have no follow comments activated but others will allow you to comment on their blog leaving a backlink to your website which is helpful to your website and could guide visitors from one blog directly to yours. This is why commenting on relevant blogs are more targeted for you.

3. Posting in forums

The first thing you want to do when you find a forum to participate in which you can bring value to, is to read the rules carefully for each forum you join because the rules may be different from one to another. So be careful to abide by the rules of each. After making a post that brings value to each thread is the opportunity to leave your signature which could contain the address to your website. You can get targeted traffic by leaving a link after each post you make because there are always newcomers searching for more information and to learn easier ways to promote their website.

4. Pay Per Click (PPC)

Using pay per click marketing is probably the most targeted traffic you can get to a website, blog, or squeeze page. Although this form of marketing is a great way to get the kind of traffic you maybe looking for, it is advisable to get some up to date training before you attempt using this strategy. The great thing about using pay per click advertising is you can drive targeted traffic to your website within minutes of setting up a campaign. Perry Marshall’s AdWords guide would be very helpful learning the basic principles to pay per click marketing.

In conclusion, using any or all of these techniques is a great way to get targeted traffic to your site to promote or sell any product you may have. When you are advertising online you need more than just traffic; you need targeted traffic that is already warm enough for you to handle.

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Google AdWords

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In marketing there is no substitute for effective, targeted advertising. For example, if you want to sell beach towels, you need to go where there is a need and desire for those towels. You won’t find beach towel retailers lined up anywhere but along coastal communities and resorts. Likewise if you want to sell your beach towels online, you need to display your advertising where beach towel consumers can find it. And that is where Google AdWords comes in.

There are more than a few ways to find highly targeted advertising online. Continuing the example of beach towels, you can start your own beach towel website and perform enough SEO that you’re ranking highly in the search engines. This generates natural traffic from effective marketing, but can take time.

In your search for other customers, you can create banners and other advertisements for use on other websites. These banners might be used by affiliates marketing your products and bringing you their beach towel customers for a percentage of the final sale. You might also use the banners and advertisements on other beach product websites. You might find another website selling sand toys or swimsuits and buy some ad space for your beach towel website.

AdWords is Easier
But if you want to take an easy route to more customers while you wait for your other marketing strategies to take full effect, you can use Google AdWords. In AdWords, you will be buying a short advertisement on the right side of search result screen on Google. Your website ad will appear beside the natural search results that appear when a searcher types in “beach towels” or any other keyword you’ve targeted through your advertising campaign. You can select as many keywords as you like, and you only pay when a lead clicks through your ad to your website.

Playing the AdWords Number Game

The trick with AdWords, as with any pay-per-click advertising, is finding the perfect mesh between the amount of money you spend and the amount you make. You must bid on your ad position on the search results page. If “beach towels” is a popular keyword, you might be paying dollars per click through for a top position while “handmade beach towel” might only cost pennies for the top position. The difference is the amount of traffic your ad generates and how many people are bidding on that keyword.

You pay only pennies for the top position for the keywords “handmade beach towel,” but you may get only a handful of clicks. Those clicks are likely to be very interested leads as there are so few people in the market for handmade beach towels. Likewise there are relatively few handmade beach towel marketers, so this results in true niche advertising. This high level of interest from such a limited number means that it is likely you’ll make a sale from those few clicks. Since you spent only pennies, your profit margin will be extremely high.

On the other hand, if you pay big bucks to be first for the more vague “beach towels,” you will likely get lots of traffic to your site. But since “beach towels” is more generic than “handmade beach towels” you’ll also be seeing a lot of people click away without a purchase. Since you pay for each visitor to your site, you could actually lose money on that particular ad campaign if enough people click away without buying. But ad campaigns are a true number game. You might very well generate enough sales to more than cover your costs of generic keywords – only a test and analysis will show for sure.

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Securing Your Domain Name

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Starting a website can be easier then it may appear to be. The one thing aspect, however, that is most important and many tend to spend the least amount of time on, is the domain name. Many feel that the the domain name is not important and choose something cute that is only meaningful to them and no one else.

When choosing a domain name, however you want the name to be something directly related to your business, if at all possible. Either it should be about the product, the name of your business and something of this sort. Now, most people choose the .com version of whatever name they choose, however it is important that if your business begins to take off that you turn around and buy the extensions of that name as well. For instance, if you have a site called, then you want to go and buy the .org,.net version and so forth.

Many business do not see a need to purchase the extension domain names, therefore they choose not to spend this money. This could end up hurting the company in the long run, as another business can purchase that domain and operate under your business. They then will have the opportunity to lure customer away from your website, or operate scams to steal from your customers giving your business a bad reputation.

Another reason the purchase the extension is because when a search a made to find your site, the search engine will show these other sites, as well as your own. This will mislead customers to believe that they are all related businesses. In order to secure your business, it is important to secure your web name. Acquiring the various domain names is simple and inexpensive to achieve and is definitely any money and effort put into it.

In order to maximize your business exposure and limit risks, it is essential that you understand the way in which the internet works. When you are unsure of how you can keep your business secure you should consult a website designer,SEO Management Company or other web professionals, that can assist you through the process.

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Choosing a Pay Per Click Expert for your Advertising

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If you are a business owner who wants to engage into the popular pay per click marketing, you may be looking for a pay per click expert or an SEO expert. In doing so, it is important to keep in mind that your choice is vital to your business.

Online advertising has become a popular way to advertise your product these days as the internet has wider reach in terms of reaching out to potential customers and in introducing your product to the widest audience. In times when the economy is down, online advertising also provides cost-effective ways to advertise.

With the many advantages of advertising using the internet, businesses and companies are now joining the trend of online advertising. However, to keep up with the competitors and to make your advertising effective, it is most often a necessity to get yourself an expert on online advertising such as pay per click.

Online advertising, particularly the popular pay per click marketing may be cost-efficient but if you have a poor strategy in carrying out your advertising campaign online, it may cost you lots of money. This is why it is important to check and make sure you are getting a real expert in pay per click marketing to carry out your objectives in online advertising. Below are some considerations you might want to include in choosing one.

Track record of the PPC expert. You may not know the different ins and outs of online advertising but one way to make sure that your pay per click marketing expert can deliver you the output you want is to check on their track records. Check also if those who have availed of their services before were satisfied of the output. One thing that may also be an indicator of a good pay per click marketing expert is their years in the business. If they have been in pay per click marketing long before, then they must have been doing pretty good to be in the business still.

Easy an open communication is also important consideration in getting a pay per click expert. Since the internet is quick-changing, constant communication with your pay per click expert is indeed very important. You may change strategies from time to time, so it is very important that you can get in touch with your pay per click expert anytime you need him.

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Great Web Design Videos

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Here’s my series of great web design videos. Enjoy

Website Design: In 2 mins

Website Design: Cool & Hip

Website Design: Corporate

Website Design: Clean & Simple

Website Design: Artistic

Website Design: Vibrant

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5 Steps Internet Marketing Plan

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Internet Marketing Plan Step 1 – Defining Your Customer

Defining your customer is as important as defining your products or naming your business. Answer these questions as honestly as you can. In other words, don’t project your expectations or hopes on them. What is your perfect, solid customer really like?

  • Is my perfect customer male or female?
  • Does my perfect customer work out of the home or in the home?
  • What is the job profile of my perfect customer – an executive, manager, worker, entrepreneur, stay-at-home parent, etc.
  • What is the net household income of my perfect customer?
  • What level of education does my perfect customer have?
  • Does my perfect customer have room in her spending budget for my product/service on a one time, occasional or constant basis?
  • How do my perfect customers use my product/service – do they buy it for themselves or as a gift?
  • Does my perfect customer spend a lot, some or minimal time on the Internet?
  • Where does my perfect customer look for my product/service? Both online and in physical locations?

Once you have this written out, you should have a good picture of where to start looking to place your message and how to write your message copy.

Internet Marketing Plan Step 2 – Choosing Your Targets

Now, where are you going to post your ads? A coordinated effort across several sites and venues commonly frequented by your customers is the most effective marketing campaign. If you are seen in several places your visibility and retained message is much stronger. Complementary sites that you can help cross-promote to your visitors, who will then see you there too, will provide excellent reinforcement of your message. Holiday specific sites that are well promoted are excellent areas to consider.

When considering a site or newsletter for your ad, look at factors such as traffic, search engine placement, external linking (how many places link to it), quality of current ads and types of messages being presented in current ads. Are there many competitors of yours already or is the advertising of a complementary nature to your business? Are the ads completely unrelated to your business and to the intended traffic of the site? These are all clues to measure a best fit of your message to the traffic of the site.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is another consideration for your Internet marketing campaign but can be daunting for someone new to this form. If you’re new to PPC, stick to places that allow you to set limits on daily expenditures. Google is a good example. This will also help you to experiment and determine the most effective keywords by paying close attention to the statistics of the PPC campaign.

Conversion rates are an important measuring tool. What you need to do is determine what exactly you want to measure for your marketing campaign. Is it sales orders? Newsletter subscribers? Downloads of your free e-book? A conversion rate is the number of click-throughs it takes to achieve your target measurement. Your page may have 1000 hits, 14 clicks and 1 sale in a day. Your conversion rate is 1:14 or 7.1%. In other words, 7.1% of the clicks are generating a sale during this period.

Close monitoring of your conversion rates will quickly tell you what is working and what is not. Don’t hesitate to change, tweak or modify your ads if needed. This is a process in constant motion until you find the best fit. Remember too, an ad may work superbly in one place but not in another.

Internet Marketing Plan Step 3 – Budget

While some folks think this should be the first step, realistically you can better create the budget for your marketing plan when you have a good idea of the costs involved. That can only be done once you’ve figured out your targets. You probably already have a figure in mind of how much you can really spend, so go back to your marketing campaign sheet and total up the costs of all the ad spots you’d like to do. Chances are that total will exceed your overall spending limit.

Internet Marketing Plan Step 4 – Creating Your Ad Content

Internet marketing works best when you focus only on one or two things. You may have a variety of products but pick one or two items that are good sellers and have a solid appeal to your target market for your marketing campaign.

Next ask yourself, “What am I selling”? It’s rarely the product or service. You are selling a benefit, something that registers at the emotional level. If you are selling fishing rods, for example, you’re selling the excitement of successfully landing that monster in the lake. If you are selling cosmetics, you’re selling beauty.

The most successful ads use words that relate to the customer. Use You and Yours and never put the focus on Me, Mine, Our, My or We. Create several emotional words associated with the product – fun, comforting, relaxing, stimulating, addictive – and use at least one of them in the ad.

Coupons are also an effective marketing tool. They can be easily tracked either manually or by an automated shopping cart system. Use different codes for different advertising locations and you’ll quickly see which ones get the best attention.

Internet Marketing Plan Step 5 – Tracking & Monitoring Your Ads

Tracking and reacting to your campaign’s successes are critical in maintaining an effective marketing campaign. From your website stats to PPC stats, there are many ways to determine what is working and what isn’t. By paying attention you’ll learn volumes about your ads and how to hone them for best results.


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4 Mistakes to Avoid in a PPC Campaign

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Just some taboo on Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing… 

1. Poor Landing Page
Now that qualified traffic is directed to your webpage, a potential customer wants to know more about your products and services. However, your website is not designed optimally. The customer finds it hard to interact with your site, and he leaves without completing any transactions or making any purchases. You just lost a potential customer, and a future revenue source. The quality of your website also factors in on your Sponsored Links ranking. A poorly designed website usually ranks lowly.

2. Missing Out On Long Tailed Keywords

Bidding on very general keyword terms brings lots of traffic to your website, but they might not be qualified leads. For example, bidding for the keyword “shoes” is too generic and you receive few conversion simply because people are rarely just searching for “shoes.” They are more likely searching for “long-distance running shoes” or “Italian hand-made leather shoes.” These are the long-tailed keywords.

Focusing on long-tailed keywords also means lower cost per click since there is less competition for it. Your conversion rate is also likely to be higher because you’re hitting a more targeted audience. Eventually this gives you a higher ROI.

3. Not Putting your Keywords in Your Ad Copy

Make sure your keywords are featured in you ad copy, especially in the title, because that’s what people are searching for. If users do not see the keywords (that they entered earlier) in your ad copy, it strikes them as irrelevant, and they won’t click on it. Don’t lose a potential customer just because your ad copy is poorly designed.

4. Bidding Too Low
Bidding too low can leave you at the bottom of the pack. Imagine an interested customer who forgets your website and tires to fo find it again on the search engine — your website will most likely not get found because these users rarely go beyond the 3rd page of the search results.

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Free Consultations

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I understand that you’ll want to open the door to long and lasting relationship. That’s why I want you to know one of the world’s great door openers: a free consultation, provided through your website! (Yes!)

A free consultation is a lot like a free sample in that it’s a sample of how good you’re. It’s also like a free seminar at which you get to develop a personal, one to one relationship. It’s even similar to a demo because it allows you to demonstrate how you can help your prospects. The offer of a free consultation is easy to accept, and below are 5 rules you may want to follow:

1. You’re not allowed to make a sales presentation. You offered a free consultation, and that’s what you’ve got to deliver

2. If you offered 30 mins consultation, you must also offer to leave after 30 mins

3. Your job in a free consultation is t prove how valuable you can be to your client. Do it with sincere, valuable help. Don’t worry about giving things away for free. That’s the whole idea isn’t it?

4. Ask questions and listen carefully to the answers, responding to them the best way that you can. The idea is not to hold things back but to give freely. If what you give is valuable enough, you’ll be amply repaid!

5. Follow up within forty-eight hours. I know you’re busy and may have other free consultation set up, but no matter what, you should thank the person for his or her time and restate the high points of the consultation. If you’re not willing to follow up, you may be wasting your time during the consultation.

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Plan your Website!

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More firms are beginning to put a greater emphasis on websites design. However, not everyone can have an effective website. A website design can make the future of your business very bright by bringing in new enquires and assets your business by generating sales a website can be a promotional advertisement or it can be a source of knowledge. 

In order to have an effective website, you will have to create an effective layout design immaterial what topic your website is about. Website designing can be done on various platforms such as java script, .net etc. Various other languages used in web design are HTML, XML, CSS, and DHTML. With new plug-ins and latest technologies you can also add graphics, images and videos, some of the web design are such that the web pages don’t require additional plug-ins.

Having an effective website design with good layout, content, graphics and easy navigation will ensure that visitors to your website can easily read the contents of your website while getting information that would be useful to them and they will want to return.

1. Layout – You website should have a layout that is attractive and understandable for website visitors.

2. Content – Having just any content is not enough. The content on your website should be informative and useful to the website visitor.

3. Graphics – Care should be taken about using the appropriate graphics on your website. Too many graphics on your website will keep website visitors with slow internet connects away.

4. Easy and quick navigation – Give your website visitors quick and easy access to your website pages. Bain & Mercer Group provides you the various services and facilities for building your own website. It offers your business a full circle approach in website development. 

The website designing services covers intelligent planning of your website to match your business strategies, innovative application development, as well as, comprehensive promotion, maintenance and time to time revamping of your website. We make your website by understanding your business type, business objectives and other peripheries. It firstly considers the purpose for which you require a web site. It is the first step in the planning process. Setting up goals for your website helps in tracking the progress path of your website and will decides is success. Content or text on your website gives information about your business and your work. This part of the website is of intense importance, as this along with web design intricacies attracts people to join hands with you. 

So, a good web design company 🙂 may also avail you quality content creation and management services to benefit your commercial venture. With the growing realization that content is the key, more firms are beginning to put a greater emphasis on website content. Website owners and operators are beginning to take a more critical look at the content of their websites. Gone are the days of content that is solely geared towards search engine rankings. It is now important that website content be both optimized for search engines and compelling for the website’s visitors, requiring a more sophisticated approach towards content writing supported by an effective website designing


Michelle Joanna

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