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Most viewed, discussed and favourited video on Youtube

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Jill Peterson and Kevin Heinz decided that they wanted something new and refreshing for their wedding and so they decided to spice up the wedding entrance. With Chris Brown’s Forever in the background, bridesmaids and groom’s men danced their way into church and into the hearts of all who watched it.

Read how the holders to the rights of the song monetized the video, here.

Business and marketing aside, how did you find the video?

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Reasons to Switch to Online Marketing.

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Advertisers are able to calculate the number of clicks obtained for the ads listed in an online media. Hence, the advertisers can decide to improve upon or change the marketing strategy implemented if and when the desired results are not received. Online marketing is a result oriented marketing strategy unlike other forms of media advertisements. Not only that, information about the current and emerging market trends as well as client behaviour can be obtained through online advertising.

Different Methods

As online marketing gains popularity, new and various forms of media are now available for implementation in marketing campaigns. To date, so much information and product promotion is carried out online – ads placed on top frequented sites, promotional emails and more. Customer reviews on manufacturer websites have also helped in shaping and influencing a buyer’s decision to purchase

Tapping into the Social Networks

Take a brief look at top social networking sites like Facebook and Friendster and you’ll be amazed by the amount of advertising that goes on. These sites are a favourite medium for marketing agencies and business firms to advertise. Many top networking websites and online communities are now considered the favorite advertising media for many marketing companies and business firms. Leading networking websites like MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, Craigslist etc. are earning revenues through the online marketing.


New experimentations are seen in the online promotion sector to keep in pace with the changing trends of customers. Online promotions carried out through social networks uses an advertising model which is basically  behaviorally targeted towards customers. The advertisers analyze the detailed profiles available in the social networking sites and online communities when finding potential customers. Advertising through these types of marketing media utilizes the ‘word-of-mouth’ recommendations and reviews available within a particular community. However, availability through search engines still remains the best option of online marketing as most of the online buyers use popular search engines like Google and Yahoo. Online advertisers use several search engine optimization techniques to improve their ranking of search results. If you are able to master these techniques and are aware of the latest trends in Internet marketing, you will be able to succeed through online marketing.

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