4 Mistakes to Avoid in a PPC Campaign

Posted on May 27, 2009. Filed under: SEM | Tags: , |

Just some taboo on Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing… 

1. Poor Landing Page
Now that qualified traffic is directed to your webpage, a potential customer wants to know more about your products and services. However, your website is not designed optimally. The customer finds it hard to interact with your site, and he leaves without completing any transactions or making any purchases. You just lost a potential customer, and a future revenue source. The quality of your website also factors in on your Sponsored Links ranking. A poorly designed website usually ranks lowly.

2. Missing Out On Long Tailed Keywords

Bidding on very general keyword terms brings lots of traffic to your website, but they might not be qualified leads. For example, bidding for the keyword “shoes” is too generic and you receive few conversion simply because people are rarely just searching for “shoes.” They are more likely searching for “long-distance running shoes” or “Italian hand-made leather shoes.” These are the long-tailed keywords.

Focusing on long-tailed keywords also means lower cost per click since there is less competition for it. Your conversion rate is also likely to be higher because you’re hitting a more targeted audience. Eventually this gives you a higher ROI.

3. Not Putting your Keywords in Your Ad Copy

Make sure your keywords are featured in you ad copy, especially in the title, because that’s what people are searching for. If users do not see the keywords (that they entered earlier) in your ad copy, it strikes them as irrelevant, and they won’t click on it. Don’t lose a potential customer just because your ad copy is poorly designed.

4. Bidding Too Low
Bidding too low can leave you at the bottom of the pack. Imagine an interested customer who forgets your website and tires to fo find it again on the search engine — your website will most likely not get found because these users rarely go beyond the 3rd page of the search results.


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