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Posted on May 21, 2009. Filed under: SEM |

I understand that you’ll want to open the door to long and lasting relationship. That’s why I want you to know one of the world’s great door openers: a free consultation, provided through your website! (Yes!)

A free consultation is a lot like a free sample in that it’s a sample of how good you’re. It’s also like a free seminar at which you get to develop a personal, one to one relationship. It’s even similar to a demo because it allows you to demonstrate how you can help your prospects. The offer of a free consultation is easy to accept, and below are 5 rules you may want to follow:

1. You’re not allowed to make a sales presentation. You offered a free consultation, and that’s what you’ve got to deliver

2. If you offered 30 mins consultation, you must also offer to leave after 30 mins

3. Your job in a free consultation is t prove how valuable you can be to your client. Do it with sincere, valuable help. Don’t worry about giving things away for free. That’s the whole idea isn’t it?

4. Ask questions and listen carefully to the answers, responding to them the best way that you can. The idea is not to hold things back but to give freely. If what you give is valuable enough, you’ll be amply repaid!

5. Follow up within forty-eight hours. I know you’re busy and may have other free consultation set up, but no matter what, you should thank the person for his or her time and restate the high points of the consultation. If you’re not willing to follow up, you may be wasting your time during the consultation.


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